Sangennarobar (2001-2007)

For 8 years, with the coming of spring, Dj UèCervone produced and gave his compilation NU Folk & Worldbeat to a few hundred ‘elected’ people. The first Sangennarobar compilation was in fact put together back in 2001. It consisted of one hundred copies given to friends. It happened so every year, increasing in production and becoming more and more supported among listeners.



Nu Worldbeat, BalFolk and Electrofolk.


  • Lo Sguardo di Ulisse
  • Ariano Irpino Folk Festival
  • Forum Delle Culture Napoli
  • “L Burro I Gueitero” Portugal
  • Fiera Enologica di Taurasi
  • Greco di Tufo Folk Festival
  • Donnafugata Folk Festival
  • Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival
  • Urlalavida
  • Ethnos
  • Negro Festival – Grotte di Pertosa
  • Gesualdo Folk Festival
  • Saperi e sapori


  • Youssou ‘n Dour
  • Cesaria Evora
  • Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare
  • Elio e le Storie Teste
  • Muchachito Bombo Infierno
  • Amparanoia
  • Daniele Sepe
  • Kocani Orkestar
  • Tambour du Bronx
  • Cheick Lo
  • Noah


  • Parigi (Alimentation Generale)
  • Vienna (Ost Klub)
  • Schaffhausen (TapTab)
  • Comiso-Ragusa (Siculamente La Festa)
  •  Ragusa (Pata Pata,Suq)
  • Firenze (HUB-BUH)


Direct Contact

Phone: +39 335 835 49 89

Email: info@sangennarobar.it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sangennarobarnapoli

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sangennarobar



To celebrate the 10th anniversary dj UèCervone produced a free  App: iSanGennaro, available soon on IOS & ANDROID. Stay tuned!

With iSangennaro you can experience in first person the blood miracle of Saint Gennaro, the most mysterious and popular ritual that takes place annualy in the Duomo of Napoli. When the blood liquefy the city of Naples is protected and will be safe from eartquakes, disasters, and the Vesuvius eruption too! If the miracle doesn’t happen a disaster is expected in the near future.

Hold your phone ( IOS/ANDROID ) vertically, with the screen pointed at you and genlty oscillate it. Follow the rhythm of the prayers and watch the blood liquefy. If you are doing it right the prayers will be louder.

iSangennaro is a tribute to Saint Gennaro, created by the Neapolitan Dj UèCervone, who annualy produce “SanGennaroBar” a world music compilation that mixes old folk sounds from all over the world with modern electronic beats with particular attention to neapolitan music.

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