WorldbeatIT Dj Set by Sangennarobar

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WorldbeatIT is a dj set of “italian school” worldbeat music. Worldbeat music contains those musical styles that combine elements of folk or ethnic music with other derivatives of popular music, such as rock, pop, but also soul, funk, cumbia, afro, bollywood, balcan, greek, bluegrass, balcan, calypso, latin music. My DJ set includes worldbeat songs performed by italian musicians, and italian popular music performed by international artists. A round-trip ticket for the musical universe of the Italian populations.


Pino Ruffo – Fronna ‘e limone

Luca Bassanese – Ay Ay Hora

DJ.Panko – ‘O sarracino remix

Zì Nicola – La Saltarella

Bomba Titinka – Mambo Italiano

Riccardo Tesi – Rosamunda (feat. Fanfara Tirana)

Al Dexter & His Troopers – Pistol Packin’ Mama

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