Sangennarobar : “One Minute Trailer Dj Set”

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Sangennarobar Youtube Channel: “One Minute Trailer Dj Set”

During Dj Set Sangennarobar, Dj UèCervone brings with him the music of many tribes: ancient and isolated in the time, with intact popular traditions; urban technological and digital from the modern city. Or contaminated from their trips or by the vicinity with other tribes. From the same amp go out Indian with the sitar, Africans drummers, Argentines with their kahon, tango and tarantella dancers, belly Bulgarian dancers, nomads singers and violino players. They altern and mix themselves in a simple and instinctive dance. The “devote people” of Sangennarobar are colored. You can find a foreign that recognizes a traditional music of hes country and starts to dance, the taranta and the “ballo sul tamburo” lovers that dance in circle, the passionate of the black sound and culture, the musicians that loves experimenters of the crossings between the sounds and all the curious of the wordlbeat music.

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