Sangennarobar @ Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival – Ancona – Italy

Settembre 1, 2018 At

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Date: Settembre 1, 2018
Address: - Ancona

The Adriatic Adriatic Association was founded in 2007 in Ancona, from the experience of the Klezmer Music Association active since 1996. The association’s breath was immediately international with a strong vocation to cultural exchange.

In 2007 the association assumed the name of Adriatic Mediterranean, widening the look at the plurality of creative expressions of the Mediterranean Adriatic basin and supporting, also on an institutional level, the vocation for international cooperation with a complex cultural project, of international importance.

In addition to an international festival at the end of summer, the Adriatic Adriatic cultural association also carries out its activities during the year both in Italy and in various countries of the Mediterranean basin with the support and collaboration of cultural subjects and institutions both Italian and foreign.

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