Sangennarobar Remixes and Production – Special Edition

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Ahi lu core meu (Sangennarobar Remix)

Spakka-Neapolis 55, Sangennarobar

Tammurriata Giuglianese (Sangennarobar Special Edition)

Damadakà, Sangennarobar

On y va (Sangennaroba Remix)

Francesco Forni, Sangennarobar

Scetate Vajo' (Sangennarobar Cumbia Remix)

Alessandro Mannarino, Sangennarobar

Tarantella Montemaranese (Sangennarobar Special Edition)

Antonio Fraioli, Annapia Ferrara, Giuseppe Benevento, Sangennarobar

Tarantella Del Gargano (Sangennarobar Special Edition)

Francesco Forni, Ilaria Graziano

Tarantella Mexicana (Sangennarobar Special Edition)

Tobias Gonzàles Jimènes

Dove Sta Zazà (Sangennarobar Special Edition)

Giovanni Truppi

Cu Ti Lu Dissi (Sangennarobar Special Edition)


Dragan's Mescla (Sangennarobar Special Edition)


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From 2001 to 2010 Dj UèCervone selected Worldbeat & Folk music from all over the planet and produced his first 10 Sangennarobar compilations. This year Dj UèCervone “has created”, and the Sangennarobar 2012 contains songs that were not there before. New friends, places and rhythms have entered the studio recording, passed by microphones and software and now they are among us. This year the compilation contains only remixes and Sangennarobar productions.



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